600 WGA East Members Sign Petition Calling On Committee For The Protection Of Journalists To Sign Union’s Contract

WGA East
WGA East

Staffers at the Committee to Protect Journalists who have been seeking the protection of a WGA East contract have received support from more than 600 of the guild’s members, including Adam McKay, Amy Schumer, and David Simon.

A petition signed by their guild supporters was delivered to CPJ management today in advance of tomorrow’s bargaining session with the guild, which notes that it’s been over a year since it held its first collective bargaining talks with the CPJ, which officially recognized the guild as the collective bargaining representative of its staffers back in July 2019. The CPJ is a nonprofit organization that promotes press freedom worldwide.

See the full petition and all of its signatories here.

“As members of the Writers Guild of America, East, we are proud to stand with our comrades on the staff of the Committee to Protect Journalists in their demand for a fair contract,” the petition states. “The WGA East and CPJ share an institutional commitment to advocating for the safety, security, and freedom of writers. We therefore urge CPJ management to reinforce that commitment by agreeing to a union contract which fosters a more diverse, equitable, and sustainable workplace through increased salary minimums and fair across-the-board pay increases; and demonstrates CPJ’s recognition of – and investment in – their staff’s work by codifying the organization’s health and retirement benefits in the contract. After a year of negotiations, it’s time for a contract at the Committee to Protect Journalists.”

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