Donald Trump “Poles” Tweet Has A Lot More Wrong With It Than Spelling Error

Donald Trump
Dennis Van Tine/STAR MAX/IP

Just after tweeting that he would be making a statement late on election night, Donald Trump tweeted that “they are trying to steal the election.” The president also contended that “votes cannot be cast after the Poles are closed!” Twitter quickly slapped his post with a “misleading” tag.

Of course, the term “Poles” was quickly trending on Twitter, with users such as Jimmy Kimmel cracking wise at Trump’s misspelling, but stepping over the fact that the sitting president of the United States was saying on Nov 3rd that “they” were trying to steal the election.

Trump quickly pulled the tweet and fixed the typo, but because of the timing, the tweet was immediately the subject of TV coverage, with CNN anchors getting exasperated as the tweet was shown on screen, with the typo and all.

Twitter’s “misleading” warning on the tweet was, of course, warranted given that there had been no credible evidence of election theft or fraud.

The Washington Post’s national political reporter, Matt Viser, pushed back against the president’s assertions.

“The president’s tweet is not true,” wrote Viser. “No more votes are being cast, but they are allowed to be counted.”

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