Trevor Noah On ‘Daily Show’ Election Special: “If Trump Wins Again, All Drugs Should Just Become Legal”

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Despite the suspense which is hanging in the air tonight of another four years of President Donald Trump — especially with swing states Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania still not called — The Daily Show host Trevor Noah struck a rather upbeat and playful tone during the Election Night special Votegasm 2020: What Could Go Wrong? (Again). 

Four years ago, a downbeat Noah said he was “sh*tting” his pants over Trump’s then-surprise triumph over Hillary Clinton, adding that “(it) feels like the end of the world. … I genuinely don’t know how America can be this disorganized or this hateful.”

But on Tuesday night, Noah was at ease trading quips with Roy Wood Jr., who couldn’t tell his bottle of tequila from his bottle of urine. Yes, confusing times.

In noting that New Jersey just legalized marijuana, Noah exclaimed, “If Trump wins again, all drugs should just become legal. We can’t go through another four years sober. I need heroin gummies at least.”

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He also advised Washington D.C., which just decriminalized mushrooms, that “tonight is not the night to try ‘shrooms for the first time.”

“He’s winning a lot more votes from Hispanic and Black people than he did in 2016, and he’s had a lot more rappers come out and support him,” said Noah about Trump. This was then followed by footage of Trump introducing Lil Pump at a rally as “Little Pimp.”

Wood then remarked: “Just today, Eminem came out and endorsed Biden. That’s the world we’re living in. Who would think that in 2020 the white rappers would be with Biden and the Black rappers would be with Trump? It’s the first time Black people have appropriated something from white people!”

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Later in the episode, Noah put the question to his guest Dr. Tressie McMillan Cottom about Black men’s support of Trump in this election, versus Black women.

“Man, cocaine is a hell of a drug,” Cottom answered. “For all that we talk about race in this country, and it is significant and it matters, and for all that we talk about class, and it is significant and it matters, what we’ve learned is that gender also matters. There has always been a conservative streak, or impulse, in the African-American community. It gets drowned out by our shared oppression relative to white people. But there’s always been a conservatism that runs parallel to what is just frankly patriarchal impulses.”

She continued: “They are attracted to the same thing that a lot of Cuban-American voters in Florida, that white rural voters in Idaho, they’re attracted to the presentation of masculine strength in Donald Trump. … His bluster looks like strength and masculinity to a lot of people, and I just think there’s a significant number of Black male voters right now who fell like that strength is an indicator of what it might feel like for them under President Trump.”

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Even if Trump wins, it’s not all rosy for him, per Cottom, as “only 40%-45% will think that he’s been doing a good job. That’s going to be difficult to govern no matter who is elected. In many ways, Donald Trump has made a mess that only Donald Trump can clean up, and that’s terrifying.”

While Noah expressed his concern about a continued divided nation, Cottom mentioned that it’s not as bad as the electoral college makes it look.

“Despite who shows up at the polls, people agree on the big things more than they disagree” she added, “There’s a significant part of the population that has an outsized influence on who is elected relative to their actual size and then there’s this complicit, sort of this mushy middle, that doesn’t see a difference between either parties or candidates, and because they don’t see a difference, they tend to go along with the flow.”

Noah was also joined by Don Cheadle, who beamed in from the Detroit set of Steven Soderbergh’s HBO Max movie No Sudden Move. He spoke with Noah about being a “single-issue Dem voter” and switching his support to Biden after his No. 1 candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders backed out of the race, because defeating Trump was a cause larger than all the differences that the Democratic candidates had.

Keeping a stiff upper lip about the chaos that’s bound to ensue, Noah closed out the show promising that this was “Night 1 of our seven-week Election Day coverage! Because this sh*t is going to go on for a while! Brace yourselves, a bunch of states haven’t come in, and every day we’ll be counting down the results and then following the lawsuits!”

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