Election 2020: Hollywood Players Seth Rogen, America Ferrera & More Urge Voters To “Stay In Line” On Election Day

2020 Election Day
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Refresh for updates: After encouraging voters to get out the vote this election season, Hollywood players are now urging in-person voters to stay in line as they wait to cast their votes. Stars including Tracee Ellis Ross, Seth Rogen and Chelsea Handler have repeated “stay in line” on their social media posts to boost voter morale as election day results begin pouring in.

“Arizona!!! Stay in Line!!!! If you’re in line when polls close you have a right to vote! AZ can go blue! Every Vote will count!!!,” tweeted Superstore actress and She Se Puede co-founder America Ferrera  “Stay in line! Please repost!”

Though millions turned in their ballots via mail, many voters who still have yet to cast their votes may be met with long waits at polling places. Throughout the election season, a number voters across the country experienced lines that have curved around city blocks and have resulted in wait times as long as 11 hours.

If voters remain in line voting centers cannot legally deny them their right to vote or turn in their ballot. However if poll workers intend on closing the polling centers, they must provide voters with provisional ballots.

See how some of the Hollywood stars’ have spread the message below.

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