‘Superstore’: The Cloud 9 Family Bids A Bittersweet Farewell To America Ferrera With Uncertainty & Excitement

(From left:) Mark McKinney, Nico Santos and America Ferrera Greg Gayne/NBC

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains details about Thursday night’s episode of Superstore.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Cloud 9 hasn’t been the same as the store’s quirky employees navigate new safety protocols and policies. But with America Ferrera’s Amy Sosa en route to California for a new corporate position at Zephra, change seems to be a constant in the latest season of Superstore.

Months after announcing her Superstore exit in February, Ferrera, who has executive produced and directed the series, is finally taking her last bow as Amy Sosa.

The second episode of season six, California Pt. 2, kicks off with Amy setting her staff up for success during the COVID-19 pandemic before she heads for the West Coast. In a socially-distanced staff meeting, Amy names Glenn (Mark McKinney) manager and assigns employees tasks for the last time as they bid their intelligent and capable co-worker turned corporate liaison, and Jonah (Ben Feldman), a warm and excited goodbye.

But even as Dina (Lauren Ash) interviews candidates for a new best friend and the employees come together for touching testimonials, Ferrera’s exit isn’t all smooth sailing. Upon learning that Jonah has taken her jewelry to size an engagement ring, Amy begins getting cold feet about what the future holds.

“I married Adam because I felt like I had to…I just feel like this move is pushing us down this path,” Amy tells Jonah. “I don’t feel like we’d be talking about marriage if i didn’t’ get this job, right?”

Jonah, dismayed at Amy’s worries and uncertainty, tells his girlfriend that after all they’ve been through as a couple, a certain answer about their life in California could be the least she could give him.

“I’m not coming to California. Amy, we’ve been together for years, we live together, we work together, we’re raising Parker together. I don’t know what else you need,” he tells her as she tries to make amends.

When she asks him what will happen if she realizes she has made a mistake by not accepting the prospects of marriage, Jonah responds: “I guess you’ll know where to find me.”

Though severing ties between the on-screen couple, Ferrera’s exit wasn’t solely a downer. After a touching presentation of staff testimonials (complete with a dramatic musical number from Nico Santos’ Mateo) in Cloud 9’s tech section, Glenn gives Amy a socially-distanced goodbye and a going away present – her I-9 tax form from when she started as a summer hire.

“I always knew you were going to be special,” he tells his protege, before they hug themselves, instead of embracing each other.

Lastly, one final hoorah before Amy leaves for California, the Cloud 9 staff gathers in the parking lot for drinks and fireworks. Dina realizes it may difficult to replace her “irreplaceable” best friend and Amy comes to terms with her big move, noting “it feels pretty bad, but also not wrong” leaving for the Golden State without Jonah.

The episode comes to a close with Jonah and Amy, though far apart, toasting to each other and sharing warm smiles. Whether it’s Ferrera’s exit from the show to start new chapters of her personal and professional lives or Amy and Jonah’s split for the better, the latest Superstore episode reminds viewers that bittersweet departures can be a result of love.


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