‘POTUS 2020: Battleground America’ Podcast: Game On! It’s Election Day + Adam McKay On Donald Trump’s Legacy

By Ted Johnson, Dominic Patten

POTUS: Battleground America Podcast

No matter who wins on Tuesday night, the past four years will leave a lasting impact on politics, government, culture and many other corners of society.

On a special Election Day edition of the Deadline podcast POTUS 2020: Battleground America, director-writer Adam McKay joins us to talk about post-election scenarios.

Listen below:

The Vice director already gamed out a dream ending for Donald Trump in Vanity Fair, one that has the president not leaving office ever, but he tells Deadline senior editor Dominic Patten and political editor Ted Johnson what needs to be done if Joe Biden wins. McKay believes that not only is there the challenge of the economy and the pandemic, but the need to restore faith in all corners of the federal government. McKay also talks about what he did for Election Night in 2016 — and why this year will be far, far different.

Also, we have a final wrap of the last-minute campaigning on the part of Biden and Trump, which included appearances by Lady Gaga and John Legend for the former and Lil Pump for the latter.

And we have a few words of caution for those who are nervous and on edge: Turn off the news, turn off Twitter and take a deep breath. In that vein, we’ll be covering the results all day on Deadline and will have a post-Election Day podcast tomorrow.

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