Beverly Hills Political Rally Declared An Unlawful Assembly After Fights Break Out


The weekly political rallies at Beverly Gardens Park in Beverly Hills saw today’s version declared an unlawful assembly by police after clashes broke out between pro-Trump and BLM protesters.

The park has been the scene of weekly gatherings and marches for pro-Trump forces, occasionally challenged by BLM and other groups. Today’s confrontations, the last before Election Day, resulted in at least one skirmish between rival groups.

Beverly Hills has been a surprising flash point for political rallies in the last few months. The local police have said they will close down the famed Rodeo Drive shopping area on Nov. 3-4 to avoid any possible looting and vandalism by those angry at the election results. Cities across the country are reacting in similar ways, preparing for a close election that’s bound to stir passions.

Retailers and other businesses across the nation are already boarding up their windows in anticipation of a volatile Election Day

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