New York To Require Two Coronavirus Tests For State Visitors

Andrew Cuomo
Sipa via AP Images

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said today that travelers coming into the state must take a coronavirus test before starting travel and again four days after entering the state.

The orders end New York’s quarantine list, which restricted travel from 41 U.S. hotspots.

Cuomo said the new orders affect residents who traveled outside the state for less than 24 hours and everyone else who wants to visit. Both entering New York must quarantine for at least a three-day period before taking a coronavirus test. The quarantine ends when a negative result is produced.

Traveling New Yorkers who were outside the state under 24 hours do not need to take a test before coming back, but must test after re-entering.

Allothers must take a test before traveling to New York, Cuomo said, and then test again within three days of arrival.

Opt-outs are permitted, but require a 14-day quarantine.

“They’ll be no quarantine list, they’ll be no metrics,” Cuomo said on his daily press briefing Saturday.

The mandate for people entering New York does not apply to New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, all bordering of near the state. Cuomo said there was too much daily travel between the states to make testing practical.

“It would disrupt everything if you quarantined those states,” he added.


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