Stores Already Boarding Up In Los Angeles And Elsewhere In Anticipation Of Election Violence


Merchants and other storefronts across the country are boarding up windows in anticipation of a highly polarized Election Day, according to reports.

Reports of businesses taking action have emerged in Boston, Washington DC,  St. Louis, San Francisco and other large cities.

In the Los Angeles area, the city of Beverly Hills has already declared its Rodeo Drive shopping area will be on lockdown for two days starting on Election Day. Reports from various sources say merchants on Sunset Boulevard and La Brea Avenue are also preparing their businesses in anticipation of trouble.

The Santa Monica Police Department has issued an activation plan for election turmoil. “As a Police Department, we cannot tell business what to do when it comes to boarding up,” the statement said. “However, we understand the need to feel secure and we respect your decisions on how to handle your day to day operations.”

During the May 31 riots, 220 Santa Monica businesses were damaged, with 76 of them looted, most of them in the Downtown area.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Police Chief Michel Moore have stated that preparations are in place to quell unrest either on election day or in the days that follow.

Moore said LAPD officers are all dressing in full uniform for the foreseeable future, to bolster the visible police presence around the city.

In Washington DC, reports indicate that the downtown area within blocks of the White House resembles a community preparing for a hurricane.

Chicago police have canceled all November days off for its force, according to Police Superintendent David Brown said.

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