Micheàl Richardson, Keith Powers, James Badge Dale And Jordana Brewster To Star In Indie ‘On Our Way’

(L-R) Michael Richardson, Keith Powers, James Badge Dale and Jordana Brewster Courtesy of Myrna Jacoby; Power; Paradigm; ID-PR

EXCLUSIVE: Micheàl Richardson, Keith Powers, James Badge Dale And Jordana Brewster are set to star in the surreal indie drama On Our Way. The film marks the directorial debut for actress Sophie Lane Curtis.

Paul Ben Victor and Ruby Modine are also on board. The film follows a deeply troubled filmmaker (Richardson) as he battles a voice inside his head while making his first film. When a muse in the form of an aspiring actress (Curtis) enters the picture, he’ll be forced to face a tragic past he is desperate to escape from.

The film is being produced by Siena Oberman of Artemis Pictures, Adam G. Simon and Andrea Bucko of Boxcar Pictures. Heliya Alam, Joe Barbagallo, Julio Lopez Velasquez and John Reyes Doyle of Tomorrowland Productions will also produce.

Robert Bricker, Grafton Reyes Doyle, Courtney B. Turke, Jill Matlock Hall of Matlock Entertainment and Melissa Rossaki of BarBHouse Productions will executive produce along with Paola Paulin. The pic is shooting in New York City this fall.

Richardson is repped by Gersh; Powers is repped by Paradigm and Megan Silverman Management;Badge Dale is repped by CAA and MJ Management; Brewster is repped by CAA; Ben Victor is with APA and Zero Gravity Management; Modine is repped by APA.

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