‘POTUS 2020: Battleground America’ Podcast: Slouching Towards Election Day + ‘The Comey Rule’ Director Billy Ray

By Dominic Patten, Ted Johnson

POTUS: Battleground America Podcast

Billy Ray wrote and directed The Comey Rule, which set ratings records on Showtime, but he’s also spent the past few years working with candidates on the best ways to reach voters and frame their messages in the time of Donald Trump.

On the latest edition of POTUS 2020: Battleground America, Ray talks about the response to The Comey Rule, why he thinks this period will be looked upon for decades by historians and filmmakers and why he doesn’t share the feeling of anxiousness that so many other Democrats in Hollywood do. He also gives credit to Joe Biden’s presidential campaign for the way that they have presented the candidate as an antidote to the chaos of the past four years.

Listen below:

Deadline senior editor Dominic Patten and political editor Ted Johnson also look at what is ahead in the final days of the campaign. Although it is a period that could see some surprises, any impact of the results is mitigated by the fact that so many people have already voted. That is why next Tuesday is not so much Election Day as it is the end of weeks of an election process.

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