Jimmy Kimmel Calls White House’s Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation Celebration Its “Second Red Wedding”

Jimmy Kimmel

Hours after the Supreme Court confirmed judge Amy Coney Barrett to take the place vacated by Ruth Bader Ginsburg, GOP figures and the Trump administration celebrated by gathering at the White House. But with COVID-19 having infected numerous White House staff members, the first lady, her son and President Donald Trump, Jimmy Kimmel says the Monday night gathering may be positive in more ways than one.

“This is like if in Game of Thrones – the Starks decided to have a second Red Wedding,” he said likening the political assembly to the gory GOT scene.

Kimmel’s comment about the gathering comes after Dr. Anthony Fauci dubbed the crowded Barrett nomination event a “super-spreader event.” Since the late September happening, at least 11 people including Trump tested positive for coronavirus.

During his opening monologue, Kimmel added that the Monday celebration isn’t the only gathering that may result in new cases of COVID-19, slamming Trump and his multiple rallies in Michigan, Wisconsin and Nebraska. At the rallies, supporters can be seen sitting or standing close to each other and often not wearing face coverings.

The late night host continued to criticize Trump for his lack of caution, concern and his repeated idea of “rounding the corner” on the viral infection.

After a video montage of failed and dangerous vehicular turns and statistics proving Trump’s comments incorrect, Kimmel said it might be time for the president to retire the phrase.

“We’ve rounded so many corners we’re about to throw up.”

Watch the Jimmy Kimmel Live segment above.

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