China’s Tencent Signs Kids Content Co-Production Deals With Sony’s Silvergate, Zeilt & Sixteen South

Deep in the Bowl
Zeilt Productions

Chinese tech and streaming giant Tencent Video is looking to broaden its slate of children’s content by partnering with European studios in a series of co-production deals.

Through the partnerships, Tencent hopes to develop new shows that can air as originals on Tencent Kids in China, as well as reach an audience globally on other platforms.

Tencent has teamed with Sony-owned Octonauts producer Silvergate Media on an animated CGI comedy series that will premiere in 2022 and involves a major global streamer. No further details were disclosed.

The Chinese firm is working with Oscar-winning, Luxembourg-based animation studio Zeilt Productions on a series, titled Deep in the Bowl, which is based on French comic books Le Fond du Bocal by Nicolas Poupon.

The aquarium-set, 3D animation, and live-action series debuts in 2012 and follows a cast of fishy characters. Tencent is looking for global partners to join the project.

Finally, Lily’s Driftwood Bay producer Sixteen South is working with Tencent on a soon-to-be-announced, original 3D comedy series.

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