Trevor Noah And The Daily Social Distancing Show Look At The Senate Races – And Racists

Trevor Noah
Comedy Central

It’s the day before the last presidential debates of this election year, but there are other races still hanging in the balance as well. Trevor Noah decided in his monologue to give them the once-over.

First up was Sen. Lindsey Graham, facing a tight race in South Carolina. Graham is being out-raised by his Democrat opponent, and has turned to begging his backers for $5 to help him compete, which Noah mashed up into a quasi-country tune.

He also noted, “God dammit, man, it sounds like he’s being held hostage by Somali pirates.”

Turning to Iowa, Noah highlighted how Republican senator Joni Ernst failed to answer a basic farming question last week on the break-even point for a bushel of corn. Apparently, it’s something that most people in that farming-centric state know, but not their senator. .

“This is the most Iowa controversy imaginable,” Noah chortled. “Iowa is all about farming, so not knowing…it’s like in Nevada, everyone should know the price of a gambling license, or in New Jersey, everyone should know the price of a hitman. The truth is, if you want to find out if someone is ready to be a US Senator, (you ask) how to get a bill up to Mitch McConnell for a vote. The answer is gently stroke his neck wattle.”

Finally, Noah turned to Georgia. usually a safe Republican state. But incumbent Sen. David Perdue is struggling, and recently caught fire for mispronouncing Sen. Kamala Harris’s name.

“The question is, why would Sen. Perdue act like her name is that hard to say? Is he making a racist joke? That sounds like a case for Trevor Noah, Racist Detective!”

Watch the clip below for more.

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