Jimmy Kimmel Pokes Fun At Presidential Debate Mute Buttons: “Would A Mute Button Even Work On Donald Trump?”

JImmy Kimmel

The Commission on Presidential Debates revealed Monday that it will use mute buttons during the upcoming presidential debates to ensure both Donald Trump and Joe Biden both say their piece in the provided two minutes. But muting either candidate doesn’t really seem like a strategy set to contain the chaos of Thursday’s upcoming debate, Jimmy Kimmel said on Tuesday.

“Muting the microphones, it’s the same strategy my daughter’s teacher uses for Zoom kindergarten,” the Jimmy Kimmel Live host joked.  “Would a mute button even work for Donald Trump? I feel like even if you turn off his microphone, he’ll just pull another one out of his hair or something.”

While Kimmel doesn’t necessarily approve of implementing mute buttons into the presidential debate, he said it’s one way to avoid the political event into becoming “another senior citizen bum fights video.”

Kimmel mocked Trump when the president told Fox and Friends anchors that his microphone from the previous debate had been altered, suggesting that his device had been “modulated” or “oscillated” with.

“These microphones are out to get the President.  It’s a total pitch hunt,” Kimmel quipped.

He took his opening monologue to also poke fun at Tiffany Trump’s appearance at a Trump Pride event, wherein she bragged that her father has been a loyal advocate and ally for the “LGBQIA+” community. The late-night host also joked about the newest episode of The Bachelorette. 

Watch the full Jimmy Kimmel Live monologue above.


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