Donald Trump Has Tested Negative For Coronavirus, White House Physician Says

Donald Trump
Dennis Van Tine/STAR MAX/IP

Donald Trump has tested negative for the coronavirus, the White House physician said on Monday, just as the president was about to attend his first in-person rally after his recovery from COVID-19.

“I can share with you have he has tested NEGATIVE, on consecutive days, using the Abbott BimaxNOW antigen card,” Dr. Sean Conley wrote in a statement to Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

He added, “It is important to not that this test was not used in isolation for the determination of the President’s current negative status. Repeatedly negative antigen tests, taken in context with additional clinical and laboratory data, including viral load, subgenomic RNA, and PCR cycle threshold measurements, as well as an ongoing assessment of viral culture data, all indicate a lack of detectable viral replication.” He added that the data “have informed our medical team’s assessment that the president is not infectious to others.”

Conley had previously written a memo declaring that the president was no longer at risk of transmitting the virus, but he did not say anything about whether the president had tested positive or negative.

Trump is due to headline a rally in Sanford, FL on Monday night. Supporters had been gathering hours earlier, with some wearing masks but few socially distanced at the venue.

The White House has not disclosed when Trump last tested negative before testing positive for the virus on Oct. 1.

Fauci told CNN that holding a rally without precautions is “asking for trouble when you do that.” “Now is even more so a worse time to do that because when you look at what’s going on in the United States, it’s really very troublesome. A number of states, right now, are having increase in test positivity.”


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