Paladino Casting Calls Racist Asian American Casting Notice An “Inexcusable Oversight”

Paladino Casting

This weekend, Paladino Casting got into some hot water with a recent casting notice it posted for a Kinder Joy commercial. The notice, which called for a “Chinese/Korean Mom With Child/Children”, started off OK, but upon further reading of the breakdown, it just got offensive.

The notice started to get attention on social media, but when Kim’s Convenience and Shang Chi actor Simu Liu tweeted it, that’s when it started to spread like wildfire. The breakdown said it was looking for a female 30-35 years old and then included descriptions including: “Skin tone: clean, white and pinky” and “Eyes: Although almond-shaped, not too downturned eyes, no monolid.” These terms were wildly offensive to many Asian and Asian Americans on Twitter as it was essentially coded language that called for an Asian actor who didn’t look too Asian.

Paladino Casting eventually tweeted a response: “Posting this as received without pushing back against the language it contained was an inexcusable oversight by all of us here,” a spokesperson wrote. “I sincerely apologize to our community of actors for the fact that this was released as it was received.”

“Systemic racism runs rampant in the entertainment industry. As casting directors, if we do not refuse to accept racist breakdowns of this nature we too are culpable,” they wrote. “We will continue to do our part in reshaping the regressive narrative within the casting industry at large.”

Read the apology and the original ad below.




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