‘Love And Monsters’: Dylan O’Brien Says The Apocalypse Is The Best Setting For A Coming Of Age Story – New York Comic Con

Dylan O'Brien 'Love And Monsters'

Love and Monsters star Dylan O’Brien said there’s no better time to come into adulthood than during an apocalypse. During a New York Comic Con panel for his monster flick from Michael Matthews, O’Brien said that his character’s environment adds a new element to the coming-of-age genre.

“He’s been so stunted from developing and of coming of age as he would in his adolescent years because of what’s been taking place,” O’Brien says of his Love and Monsters character Joel Dawson. “There’s so much left do discover in his life.”

O’Brien joined Matthews and fellow cast members Jessica Henwick, Michael Rooker and Ariana Greenblatt to tease the action comedy. Love and Monsters takes place seven years after a “monsterpocalypse” forces all of humanity to move into underground colonies. O’Brien’s Joel decides to brave the surface and face the monsters standing between himself and his high school sweetheart Aimee (Henwick).  Along his dangerous journey, Joel makes unlikely friends including a heroic dog and a pair of survivalists (Rooker; Greenblatt) who help him survive the monster-infested road to true love. During the panel the cast spoke about their favorite behind the scenes moments from the Paramount project.

The Teen Wolf star said that Love and Monsters and taking on his role will be one of his favorite shoots. He noted that the monster flick is not exactly a title that he gets to make everyday. He even likened it to shooting a “live-action Pixar” film given the fun and excitement behind the scenes.

Rooker revealed that Love and Monsters shot in various locations in multiple countries including the United States and Australia. Unlike most apocalypse movies, Matthews said Love and Monsters features a lusher and more verdant view into what the end of the world might look like.

“The world’s a lush place when we’re not around,” the director sad in reference to the overgrown landscapes and nature feature in his title. “The world carries on without us and it looks more fun.”

While the film releases during a time where audiences have been quarantined from a deadly disease for months, O’Brien said that Love and Monsters isn’t necessarily commentary on the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic and all the other plights affecting millions of Americans.

“If anything it’s coincidental relatability,” he said.

Dan Cohen, Shawn Levy produce the film and John H. Starke executive produces. Love and Monsters arrives on premium video-on-demand and digital Oct. 16.

Watch the complete panel above.

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