Trevor Noah And The Daily Social Distancing Show Talks About A Pretty Fly VP Debate

trevor noah
Comedy Central

Trevor Noah found much to be amusing about Wednesday night’s vice presidential debate between “two people who will take over if the President falls in the shower.”

What’s more amazing, Noah said, is the debate went on even though there was a real chance Vice President Mike Pence might have contracted COVID-19, given that he was surrounded by the contagious in Washington. That rumor “wasn’t helped when his eye had a gender reveal party,” Noah said, referring to the pink eye sported by the VP.

To protect candidate Senator Kamala Harris in case Pence was ill, plastic guards were put in place, or, as Noah put it, “the sneeze guards from Sizzlers.” The protection failed to take into account that viral droplets can circumvent such barriers, he noted.

“The debate was pretty normal,” Noah conceded. “It even felt like it was a throwback to the times before Donald Trump arrived and turned every debate into a Monster Truck rally on cocaine.” He added that Pence, while civil, did take one lesson from Donald Trump’s first debate: when a moderator asks you to stop, it’s more of a suggestion than a rule.

Of course, the highlight of the debate was the appearance of a delightful special guest. “For two minutes and nine seconds, the debate got amazing,” Noah said, referring to the arrival of a stray fly that found much to like about Pence’s head, staying affixed to it. “I am not surprised at all to see that fly land on Mike Pence’s head,” Noah said. “Even a fly knows better than to touch a black woman’s head.”

See the full monologue below.

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