Two Staffers In California Governor Gavin Newsom’s Office Test Positive For Coronavirus As Newsom Is Evasive About His Own Testing History

California Governor Gavin Newsom
California Governor Gavin Newsom State of California via YouTube

Just days after President Donald Trump and dozens of officials close to him tested positive for coronavirus, California Gov. Gavin Newsom revealed that two people in his office — an intern and a staffer at one of the state’s agencies — have been infected.

“Both individuals not working directly our office but in the governor’s office,” said Newsom, but in his extended staff in the capitol. He then said that they had both been isolated and state health officials were engaged in contact tracing, “by the book.”

Newsom said he did not know if there were more people self-isolating.

Newsom said as part of the contact tracing, the state Department of Health is “working to make sure everybody is appropriately tested.” The governor said it was important for those in his office not just to be preaching good coronavirus prevention but also practicing it. That, he said, “is already underway.”

But when asked about his own testing history, Newsom said: “I haven’t been tested positive, and I’ve been tested on multiple occasions. I’ve highlighted two occasions recently, including the last occasion which was when the president visited and I look forward to getting tested again.” That meeting with Trump was on September 14. Newsom said he was tested several times leading up the Trump’s arrival.

The governor went on to maintain that “we’ve been very transparent about this,” and he reminded reporters that another time he was tested was when he visited a state prison. That was on August 9.

“The good news is,” said Newsom that, due to telecommuting, “our office does not have the concentration of people that it did pre-pandemic in fact quite a small number of people are actually physically in the office.”

This comes as the governor warned earlier in the week that a “second wave” of coronavirus infections has already begun.

Watch Newsom’s press conference below.

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