Michelle Obama Makes Closing Argument For Joe Biden: “Think About How You Felt Over These Last Four Years, How Quickly Things Have Turned”

michelle obama

Former First Lady Michelle Obama tells voters in a 24-minute “closing argument” video for Joe Biden that “the events of the past few days are a bracing reminder of the tragedy that has been this administration’s response to this crisis.”

Referring to the outbreak of COVID-19 at the White House, Obama said “the fact is that the drama of the past few days has only emphasized what’s at stake in this election — from the coronavirus to a constant drumbeat of fear, division, and chaos that’s threatening to spiral out of control.”

She also said that Trump’s law and order message and attacks on peaceful protesters was “racist rhetoric.”

Obama is one of the most popular political figures in the country, even as she says that “politics has never been my thing.”

“I want to ask every single American, no matter what party you normally vote for, to please take a moment to pause. Click off the news. Think about how you felt over these last four years, how quickly things have turned. And think about what the next four years could mean for our country’s future.”

She added, “Think about what possibly could compel you to accept this level of chaos, violence and confusion under this president, and be willing to watch our country continue to spiral out of control. Because we can no longer pretend that we don’t know exactly who and what this president stands for.”

“Search your hearts and your conscience, and then vote for Joe Biden like your lives depend on it.”

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