CNN’s Chris Cuomo Rips Donald Trump’s Choreographed Return To White House: “What A Bunch Of Bullsh*t”

Donald Trump, Donald J. Trump
President Donald Trump returning to the White House on Monday from Walter Reed AP Photo/Alex Brandon

There’s no love lost between CNN host Chris Cuomo and Donald Trump. That was crystal clear as Cuomo went on camera shortly after Trump returned from Walter Reed Medical Center.

After landing in Marine One, a COVID infected Trump walked up the stairs of the South Portico, removed his mask and looked out from the balcony defiantly for several minutes as official photographers snapped his photo and news cameras captured the scene.

Staffers could be seen behind him inside the building as Trump walked into the White House. He did not put his mask back on. But then Trump walked back out, stood for a few seconds and returued to his staffers, still without his mask.

CNN’s White House reporter Kaitlyn Collins says the exit and re-entry was a reshoot, possibly for a campaign video, as photographers and videographers captured Trump’s arrival before staffers.

Over video of Trump standing on a White House balcony on Monday night Cuomo said sarcastically, “There he is, hair blown majestically. Reshooting the scene for his own ad.”

“I hold rallies,” Cuomo imagined Trump saying, “and I tell you to ignore masks. I’m going to rip mine off as I vanquish the virus because I am a leader!”

Cuomo then retuned to reality and said plainly to the camera, “What a bunch of bullsh*t.”

“He didn’t just walk in the White House one time with no mask tonight,” said Cuomo. “He had his video crew capture that stupid scene again so he could put out propaganda.”

Cuomo railed against the fact that Trump, who has seemingly already infected over a dozen White House staffers, was taking off his mask for the camera and then entering an enclosed space with other people who could become infected.

“You want a metaphor,” said Cuomo, “You’ve got a president who is a drunk driver who is pushing others to drive drunk. That’s what he is.

“Do I want to see a drunk driver get hurt? Hell no. But I worry more about the people he hits,” said the CNN host.

Trump later tweeted a video seemingly made made in the White House doorway saying of the virus, “Don’t let it dominate you…You’re going to beat it!”

Others pointed out that during his time on the balcony the president, who needed supplemental oxygen at least twice during his stay in the hospital, seemed to be gasping for air as he posed for photos.

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