‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’ Has Rare Friday Show To Offer Surprising Sympathy To President Trump


A very unusual day in Washington required an extra dose of The Late Show with Stephen Colbertas a usually dark night for the program was turned into a bonus show.

Surprisingly, Colbert struck a sympathetic tone. “Now, say what you will about the President, and I do. But this is a serious moment for our nation and we all wish the President and the First Lady of the United States a speedy and a full recovery.”

Colbert urged that we “separate the man from the office – and I hope on Nov. 3 that we literally do. But for now, I find it troubling, moving even, that the President is being taken to the hospital.”

Trump is now in a special suite at Walter Reed and undergoing tests. Colbert said the Commander-in-Chief has fallen ill with a virus that has humbled the entire world. “I’m worried about the President of the United States,” Colbert said, and admitted he was upset that the one who put the President in danger was Donald Trump, a non-mask wearer.

“He was acting like he was invincible,” said Colbert, who noted a lot of people were calling this an “October Surprise.”

“I think it’s more like an October, “Well, yeah.”

Colbert also noted the online sympathies extended by Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

“Let’s not forget, Biden needs Trump,” Colbert said. “At the next debate, Joe can’t interrupt himself.”

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