Jim Parsons Reveals COVID-19 Diagnosis, Says Symptoms “Defied the Descriptions”

Jim Parsons
Mega Agency

Jim Parsons shared on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon that he and husband Todd Spiewak contracted COVID-19 back in March.

On Monday night Parsons told Fallon of his experience with the coronavirus.

“We didn’t know what it was, we know we had colds and we lost all sense of smell and taste,” the Hollywood actor told Fallon. “It defied the descriptions for me, I didn’t realize how taste and smell could be gone.”

After describing his time learning about his diagnosis, Parsons said that he and his partner grieved not being able to taste any of the food at home, as eating more became a favorite activity during the pandemic. The conversation then moved on to the two television stars discussing what kept them busy during quarantine.

Parsons said that he has busied himself with creative writing classes and bleaching his hair, the latter which Fallon also did, though years ago.

Fallon then noted that the last time Parsons appeared on the show, he was still acting on the Big Bang Theory. When asked about what life was like after the show ended, Parsons likened it to a death.

“It reminds me when someone died or passes and it feels so monumental for a moment and you think it’s never going to end then nine months go by and you’re like ‘life carries on.’ It was bittersweet when it ended but I feel fine.”

Watch the entire segment below.



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