Tom Cruise And Doug Liman Set Liftoff Date With Space X, Space Shuttle Almanac Reveals

Tom Cruise
Mega Agency

Tom Cruise and director Doug Liman’s may head into space for their film in October 2021, images from the Space Shuttle Almanac reveal.

On Monday the Twitter for the Space Shuttle Almanac shared a photo of spacecrafts and countries set to launch in the next three years. While the chart may seem like an assuming collage of names, flags and spacecrafts at first, upon a closer look the chart reveals some names near and dear to Hollywood.

Under the October 2021 part of the chart reads “SpaceX Crew Dragon,” with an image of a small space vehicle beside it. Next to the illustration are a list of three names: SpaceX Pilot Lopez Alegria, Tourist 1 Tom Cruise and Tourist 2 Doug Liman. The tourist flight also shows a vacant spot for a third visitor.

While it’s unsure whether the October 2021 trip is just a preliminary one for Cruise and Liman to scope out the extra-terrestrial territory or whether marks the production for the first-of-its-kind film, it’s clear Cruise may get his space legs soon enough.

In May, Deadline learned that Cruise is teaming up with the Elon Musk company for NASA’s first narrative film. Deadline learned in July that Universal will back the $200 million space film.

See the Almanac’s post below.



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