Trevor Noah And The Daily Social Distancing Show Goes Viral On Trump’s Pandemic Take

Trevor Noah
Comedy Central

Trevor Noah’s focus tonight was on the coronavirus, which he called “The outbreak that’s harder to get rid of than the college buddy crashing on your couch.”

Noah pointed out that past stay-at-home orders reduced the pandemic by 17 percent in New York. “Normally when something is beaten that badly in NY, it’s the Knicks,” he quipped.

But Noah reserved his greatest ire for Bill Barr, the attorney general, who said the pandemic economic shutdowns were the worst thing to hit the country since slavery. “I know not going to the movies sucks. But Trump supporters weren’t out there singing slave spirituals. “Swing low, Sweet Caroline.”

“Barr makes it seem like the worse thing to happen in America, while Trump says things haven’t been that bad, especially if you don’t count half the country.” He noted the President’s statement that if you “took out the blue states,” then the country wouldn’t be doing too bad with the pandemic.

“Why don’t we not count the red states, too,” Noah said. “Then we wouldn’t have any deaths.

Watch the complete monologue below, including a strange aside on naked hang gliding.

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