Tomas Alfredson Comedy ‘The Jonsson Gang’ Lands Sales Deal Ahead Of Toronto

The Jonsson Gang
"The Jonsson Gang" Studiocanal

Studiocanal will be launching sales at the Toronto Film Festival for The Jonsson Gang, the latest pic from Tinker Tailor Solider Spy filmmaker Tomas Alfredson.

SF Studios is handling the project’s Swedish release, which is set for December 2020.

The pic is a reboot of a successful Swedish film comedy series. Following a failed heist, a man ends up in prison. Once released, his gang has become law-abiding citizens and he has to continue on his own. An attempt at a simple burglary turns out to be something a lot better than he thought.

Project was written by Alfredson, Henrik Dorsin and Rikard Ulvshammar, and produced by Anna Carlsten, Pontus Edgren, Joshua Mehr and Fatima Varhos. It is an FLX production in co-production with Another Park Film, Dorsin Enterprises, Tonefilm, SF Studios and TV4, in collaboration with C More, Chimney and Studiocanal, with support from Swedish Film Institute, Nordisk Film & TV fond and Norrköpings filmfond.

The Jonsson Gang is based on a film series from the 1980s that practically every living Swedish person has seen,” explained Alfredson. “An international audience mostly knows my work with intimidating vampires and sullen spies, while most of my work has been comedic. It’s been a lot of fun to return to something laughable and we look forward to finding a worldwide audience with Studiocanal.”

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