Here Come Da Movie Joke-Telling Judge

Look at U.S. District Judge Robert Kugler’s decision in Delaware yesterday on Universal’s motion to dismiss in the Redbox case. (He granted it in part, and denied it in part. The Hollywood studios lined up against Redbox aren’t happy that the court allowed Redbox’s antitrust claims to continue, but threw out its copyright misuse and tortious interference claims.) But never mind the law or the decision itself. Look at the self indulgent writing. Yes, license like this is taken often. Things must get boring when trying dry corporate cases. So this judge sprinkled his decision with a bunch of bad puns using movie titles. (Makes you wonder how seriously he took this.) For example: “Redbox maintains that Universal has otherwise failed to ‘Do the Right Thing’ in seeking to prevent Redbox from buying new release Universal DVDs from other wholesalers and retailers, and in some cases succeeding in those attempts. With the ‘Mercury Rising’ in the relationship between Redbox and Universal, Redbox employees turned to a ‘Cloak and Dagger’ exercise, visiting Wal-Mart and Best Buy stores in an attempt to purchase multiple copies of Universal DVDs.” Other new and old movie titles used are Duplicity, To Kill A Mockingbird, Hamlet, Great Expectations, Counselor At Law, The ‘Burbs, The Fast And The Furious, Legal Eagles, Two For The Money, The Real McCoy, Two For The Money, Brüno, Raising Cain. What is it about Hollywood that makes everyone who comes within 5,000 miles of the place lose IQ points?

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