Comedy Central Developing 'Geniuses' Comedy With Adam Nee And Ryan Judd

Comedy Central has signed up-and-coming comedians Adam Nee and Ryan Judd to develop, write, direct and star in a half-hour project. Titled Geniuses, it is based on a spec pilot Nee and Judd did last year and took to the cable network. It centers on two hapless friends, Johnny (Nee) and Sterling (Judd), who have been blissfully skating through life from job to job and vying for their neighbor Margot’s attention. Realizing that life may be passing them by, they decide to grow up and become responsible adults. Armed with their own naiveté and little knowledge about how the real world works, Johnny and Sterling set out on their misguided adventures to impress Margot and achieve grown-up success. Nee and Judd have been getting attention for their Funny or Die web series Clark Kent Has a Dream. Below is the latest, fourth webisode — featuring Criminal Mindsco-star Matthew Gray Gubler as Green Lantern — which has just been posted:

Clark Kent Has A Dream (episode 4) – watch more funny videos

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