Beverly Hills Skirmishes Continue, As Trump Supporters And BLM Tie Up Traffic

Photo by: gotpap/STAR MAX/IPx 2020 8/29/20 A Trump Rally is seen in Beverly Hills, CA. AP Images

The Battle of Beverly Hills continued this weekend, as supporters of President Donald Trump and advocates of Black Lives Matter again faced off in a confrontation on Saturday.

One person was arrested and traffic was jammed up in the protest area at the Beverly Gardens Park, but no physical violence occurred, as had happened at previous protests there.

About 100 Trump supporters gathered in the park on Santa Monica Boulevard about 3 PM. There, they were met by counter-protesters. After some angry words were exchanged, police soon shut down the area, claiming a suspicious item was located. It was later determined not be dangerous.

That moved the confrontation to Rodeo Drive.

Once in the wealthy shopping area, someone from the counter-protest group threw an object at officers, prompting police to declare an unlawful assembly. That’s when an arrest was made for using threatening language while interfering with police efforts to break up the crowd, a felony, according to police.

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