Venice To Honour ‘Da 5 Bloods’ Composer Terence Blanchard With “Passion for Film” Award

Terrence Blanchard Henry Adebonojo

The Venice Film Festival, kicking off September 2, will present composer Terence Blanchard with its Passion for Film Award, which recognizes the contribution given to a director’s closest collaborators.

Blanchard is noted for his collaborations with Spike Lee, from Malcolm X to Inside Man, BlacKkKlansman, and recently Da 5 Bloods. He also composed the score for Regina King’s One Night In Miami, which screens Out of Competition at Venice this year. Alongside his film work, Blanchard is a renowned jazz trumpeter.

First inaugurated two years ago, recipients of the prize to date have been American film editor Bob Murawski and Italian cinematographer Luca Bigazzi.

“Not only is Terence Blanchard one of the most important jazz trumpeters of all time, he is also one of the most prolific and sought-after composers of film scores,” said Venice director Alberto Barbera. “His artistic career is distinguished by vigorous musical creations inspired by some of the most painful tragedies in American society, such as the distressing cyclical epidemic of armed violence, especially against black or brown citizens. With the soundtrack of One Night in Miami, Blanchard adds a new chapter to the powerful musical architecture of his contribution to the themes of our contemporary age, which could not be more aligned with the dramatic events of recent months, culminating in the protests to assert that Black Lives Matter.”

The ceremony presenting the award to Terence Blanchard will take place on Monday September 7 in the Sala Grande ahead of the One Night in Miami screening.

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