Secret Cinema Launches In U.S. With ‘Stranger Things: The Drive-Into Experience’

’Stranger Things: The Drive-Into Experience’
’Stranger Things: The Drive-Into Experience’ Secret Cinema

Immersive film experience outfit Secret Cinema is undertaking its second international expansion, this time into the U.S. where it will partner with Netflix to deliver Stranger Things: The Drive-Into Experience.

The company has had a series of successful events in the UK, several of which have made a dent in the UK box office chart, including the 2019 Casino Royale run which grossed more than $10M. The company put on a Stranger Things experience with Netflix in London last year, and also staged its first international show in China.

The Stranger Things: The Drive-Into Experience is a new format for the company and has been designed for the pandemic era world. Attendees will experience scenes from the Netflix series from inside their cars.

Secret Cinema and Netflix have an ongoing partnership, and the immersive company also struck a deal with Walt Disney Studios’ Studio LAB at the beginning of this year to deliver several experiences based on Disney films.

Earlier this month, Deadline sat down with Secret Cinema founder Fabien Riggall to discuss his new venture LOST. He remains Chief Creative Officer of Secret Cinema.

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