TikTok Updates Safety Policies To “Eliminate Hate” On Short-Form Video App After Removing Upwards 380,000 Videos

Kyodo via AP Images

TikTok, the short-form video platform in the middle of a bidding war and President Trump’s ban threats, announced Thursday that it’s taking even more steps to prevent the spread of hate from its users.

The platform detailed five steps to combat the spread of violence and hate after having removed more than 380,000 videos and upwards 1,300 accounts violating TikTok’s hate speech policy since January. In a blog post, TikTok revealed that the removed accounts and videos featured hateful content or behavior. As a result, TikTok will up its security and anti-hate speech protocols to “eliminate hate on TikTok.”

Evolving its hate speech policy and updating its definition of hate speech is one way the app, owned by China’s ByteDance, seeks to keep users safer from inappropriate content. The TikTok safety team also detailed that it has a zero tolerance stance on organized hate groups and associated organizations. The team will also make it harder to find hateful content and accounts on the app, allowing more room ” for more positive and joyful content.”

As part of its evolving safety policies, the app seeks to increase cultural awareness in content moderation, improve transparency with its users and collaborate with even more experts to stop the spread of hate-speech content.

The policy update comes after software giants Oracle and Microsoft enter a bidding race to purchase the app, which has grown popular among Hollywood stars. Even with bids in place, the service’s future remains unknown as President Trump said he wants to ban the use of TikTok in the United Sates due to its ties with China.


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