Sean Hannity & Tucker Carlson Attack “Frail, Weak” Joe Biden, Michelle Obama & “Infomerical” Democratic Convention; Fox News’ Coverage Token In 1st Hour Of Night 2

By Dominic Patten, Ted Johnson

Fox News

“We begin tonight, this is now officially a Fox News alert, Night 2 of the worst infomercial ever made,” said Sean Hannity kicking off his show Tuesday by kicking sand in the face of the Democrats and their virtual Convention.

“Infomercials are a lot more interesting” added the primetime cable newser host after a perky handoff from lead-in Tucker Carlson. Yes, you could see parts of Tuesday’s Democratic Convention, but mainly as another night of a token backdrop for more partisan bombardment.

Once again silently split screening the live feed of the first hour of tonight’s convention like he did on Monday, Hannity started off mocking how the Night 1 ratings were down double digits from 2016 and didn’t take his heavy foot off the gas for the rest of the hour. “Those that did tune into the convention got a predictable dose of poorly produced cult-like psychotic rage, hysteria against all things Donald Trump,” the ex-Celebrity Apprentice host’s best small screen pal declared.

Drawing the Culture War lines anew and insincerely praising “Comrade Bernie Sanders,” Hannity characterized the two-hours of the Dems’ first night as simply “temper tantrums” against Trump.

Otherwise Hannity plugged his latest book, slagged the deceased John McCain, who was the GOP nominee in 2008 and mocked “frail, weak” Joe Biden’s fundraiser with Tom Hanks from earlier today. On Tuesday, the high rated FNC host also painted the first night of the Democrats’ shindig as an ongoing condescending attack on “smelly Walmart shopping Trump supporters.”

Not sure what Hannity was watching on Monday (read my Night 1 review here), but it was far from the We the People presentation that was actually on TV on Monday.

“They go high, we go low, and all that nonsense, all phony rhetoric,” Hannity continued in a jab at Michelle Obama’s speech to the convention last night and in 2016. “She was so busy trashing President Trump she didn’t even mention Kamala Harris,” the FNCer asserted of the first African-American First Lady of the first African-American woman to be on a national ticket.

Throwing further shade at Michelle Obama’s pre-recorded speech of last week before the California Senator was unveiled as Joe Biden’s running mate, Hannity added with glee that he believed the ex-First Lady “couldn’t even be bothered to re-tape it.”

As CNN, MSNBC and dependable C-SPAN ran the Democrats’ coverage, FNC only cut back at 8:12 to a split screen of a muted Stacey Abrams delivering part of the multi-voice keynote. While we saw the 2018 Georgia governor candidate, it was Sen Ted Cruz (R-TX) comparing Biden to the 1980s deadman movie Weekend at Bernie’s and warning against socialism coming to America that we heard.

“This entire convention is all about hiding” proposed radical policies, failed 2016 POTUS candidate Cruz went on to tell Hannity in a dictionary definition of echo chamber media. “The Democrats want this to be a battle of personalities,” the Texas Senator told Hannity. “If we focus on substance it ain’t even close,” Cruz added of the November election that presently sees Biden ahead in the polls.

After Ted Cruz, Hannity went on to a segment on civil unrest “chaos” in “the horrible big cities run by liberal Democrats.” It’s been a familiar theme on the Rupert Murdoch-owned outlet in the past few months since protests arose out of the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis cops on Memorial Day. It’s also a constant call to arms by Trump, who is basing no small part of his reelection bid on reviving Richard Nixon’s successful and race baiting law and order bid of 1968.

It wasn’t until the bottom of the hour that Hannity cut entirely to DNC as former president and FNC piñata Bill Clinton gave his own speech blasting Trump’s handling of the pandemic and the economy. However, Hannity couldn’t stay quiet for long. Within a few minutes, the host cut off the 43rd POTUS to literally argue with his remarks over Trump’s disastrous response to the COVID-19 crisis in real time.

Additionally Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s 1-minute seconding of Sen. Sanders’ nomination tonight received a tiny bit of airtime on FNC before Hannity pulled in constant sidekick and ex-White House press secretary Ari Fleischer. The former spokesman for George W. Bush pulled out the Trump/FNC talking point book to call Biden “weak” and pitch that the “radical left” have taken over the Democrats as Hannity nodded along.

Of course, with White House advisor Kellyanne Conway joining him later, Sean Hannity wasn’t the only Fox News frontman to lash out at ex-White House occupants tonight

“Michelle Obama could teach a masters class in this mode of communication,” Tucker Carlson said in his 8 PM ET show on Tuesday of the best-selling Becoming author “Last night she delivered a taped address from her $11 million estate on Martha’s Vineyard,” the Swanson frozen food heir told his viewers in his best everyman tones. “Michelle Obama, it’s fair to say, has done pretty well for herself. But what she wanted you to know last night was that she is still a victim, she and everyone who looks like her, so shut up and accept her dominion over you.”

“This election matters,” Hannity signed off as FNC went live-ish with Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum anchoring Night 2 of the DNC in the 10 PM ET hour. As they have in past years, the second hour of the convention was when ABC, NBC and CBS went live too.

Having said, remember, this is FNC’s walk-up to the nominations of Kamala Harris tomorrow and Biden on August 20.

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