Netflix Tests Shuffle Play Button On Home Page Which Plays Random Titles For Viewers

Netflix Netflix

Not sure what to binge next on Netflix? The streaming service is taking out a possible solution to your problem out for a spin.

The streamer is testing out a new “Shuffle Play” button that allows viewers to watch TV and movie titles randomly selected by the streaming service. The button appears on the profiles page only on TV devices, including Roku.

Instead of users clicking on their profile and combing through Netflix’s extensive collection of TV and movie titles to find something they like, the streamer will offer a random title. The button also appears below the service’s sidebar, below the
“Search” and “Home” options.

Netflix began testing the button in July. TechCrunch, which first reported the new feature, said the streamer implemented the shuffle button to help viewers find new content tailored to their preferences and tastes. Netflix still has yet to decide whether it wants to keep the new feature.

The “Shuffle Play” button is one of the latest features the streamer has implemented to improver users’ experiences, following the option to disable autoplay for TV series rolled out in February.

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