Maggie Freleng To Host ‘Unjust & Unsolved’ Podcast Series For Obsessed Network

Obsessed Network

EXCLUSIVE: Maggie Freleng, journalist and host of Oxygen’s The Disappearance of Maura Murray, is to host a new investigative podcast about people wrongfully incarcerated.

Unjust and Unsolved will air via the Obsessed Network, which is the podcast network behind True Crime Obsessed.

It is the company’s first investigative series and comes as it is also moving into historical podcasts with Crimes of the Centuries with Amber Hunt.

Unjust and Unsolved tells the stories of individuals across the nation who may be wrongfully incarcerated for crimes that remain unsolved. Podcast host Maggie Freleng will take listeners inside the prison walls for first-person accounts and present evidence pointing away from their guilt. Episodes will also include interviews with loved ones, lawyers and other case experts to shed light on how these individuals wound up incarcerated for decades despite their innocence. It will launch in September.

Freleng is a public radio producer who was previously Producer-at-Large for NPR’s Latino USA and also hosted a TV doc for Vice.

“The stories of these unjustly incarcerated individuals are heartbreaking, infuriating, and it’s frankly astonishing to see the rampant disparities and glaring inequities in the justice system,” said Freleng. “Our goal is to give a platform to these individuals’ stories and incite public action along with a much-needed second look at these cases so the true criminals, along with those responsible for the stolen decades of the lives of these innocent people, can be held accountable and brought to justice.”

Separately, Crimes of the Centuries will do a deep-dive investigation into little-known but significant crimes committed in the 19th and 20th centuries. Each episode will introduce listeners to a different crime that may have flown under the radar, uncover never-heard-before details, and explore the historical significance of these incidents. The podcast, premiering in the late fall of this year, will be hosted by investigative reporter and author, Amber Hunt, host of podcasts Accused and Aftermath.

It comes as the company’s flagship podcast True Crime Obsessed crossed 50M downloads.

“We have been massive fans of Maggie and Amber’s work for years and truly admire all they’ve done for victim advocacy,” said Patrick Hinds, Founder of Obsessed Network. “We’re excited to expand the focus of the network to include more investigative shows. In order to do that, we knew we needed to find the right partners to do these projects justice. We could not be more thrilled to introduce our listeners to this new side of Obsessed Network.”

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