Late Night Hosts Call Out President Donald Trump’s Mount Rushmore Demands, Latest Executive Orders

trevor noah
Comedy Central

Trevor Noah said he thinks carving President Trump into the South Dakota mountainside might make Mount Rushmore “the monument that finally brings all of America together.”

The Daily Show host’s terms, however, are that the carving must be off Trump’s rear end.

“Why does it have to be a face? Let’s throw Trump’s tennis ass up there,” Noah joked.

The President’s proposal to have his face carved alongside those of the nation’s founding fathers was a topic of conversation for late night hosts, as was Trump’s latest round of executive orders.

On Saturday, the president signed four executive orders aimed at providing American citizens with continued pandemic relief.  During his New Jersey press briefing, Trump said he intends to extend the rental moratorium, unemployment benefits, student loan forgiveness and roll back payroll tax.

During Monday’s episode of Late Night with Seth Meyersthe SNL alum called Trump’s latest moves “meaningless and unconstitutional,” noting that it’s payroll taxes that fund social security and medicare.

“That’s not how it works,” Meyers criticized Trump. “This is not one of your businesses. You can’t just move money around to cover your losses.”

Noah said while Trump’s latest acts may seem surface-level or insignificant, it’s part of the president’s bigger plan. “He understands that even the appearance of doing something is better than the appearance of going on recess in the middle of a recession,” the Daily Show host said.

Meyers went further into Trump’s announcement, criticizing setting where the president made them. During his New Jersey press briefing, Trump had country club members as his audience, some laughing when he would crack jokes and applauding when he signed his orders.

“Trump is so desperate fo affection he’s bringing his own cheering section to press conferences now. It’s like a watching a reboot of Married with Children.

The Late Night host went on to take aim at Trump saying that the current president has been passing the accomplishments of his predecessor as his own. Referring to Trump’s supposed protections for people with pre-existing conditions, Meyers brought viewers’ attention to the fact that Obama had already enforced similar measures during his term.

“This psycho genuinely thinks he can get up in front of the cameras and repeat things Obama already did and people are gonna believe him,” he said. “Next he’s going to announce he’s picking Joe Biden as his running mate.”


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