‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ Team On Expanding Midge’s World & The Hard Lessons Along The Way – PaleyFest LA

Rachel Brosnahan in ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’
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After receiving a whopping 20 Emmy nominations, the cast and creatives of Amazon’s highly-acclaimed series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel virtually came together for PaleyFest Los Angeles to reflect on some memorable moments from season 3.

“What was wonderful for us this year was that Midge’s journey is always for her world to expand and get bigger and experience all these different things,” said creator and executive producer Amy Sherman-Palladino, who was joined by executive producer Daniel Palladino as well as stars Rachel Brosnahan, Alex Borstein, Tony Shalhoub, Marin Hinkle, Michael Zegen, Kevin Pollak, Caroline Aaron, Jane Lynch, Luke Kirby, Sterling K. Brown, LeRoy McClain, and Stephanie Hsu for a two-part panel discussion.

Part of that expansion included introducing new characters from diverse backgrounds like Brown’s character Reggie, who was manager to famous singer Shy Baldwin (played by McClain), and Mei Lin, a Chinese American woman who helps Joel (Zegen) procure the space for his new club, which also hosts an illegal gambling ring underneath.

“Part of Maisel and the reason that we set it at the time we did for Midge was it’s a time of change,” said Sherman-Palladino. “Midge was caught in this moment where comedy is changing. Going into the sixties, the culture was going to be changing.”

But change doesn’t always come with success, as Midge is dealt a hard lesson in showbiz when she was suddenly dropped from touring with Shy Baldwin at the end of last season.

“That’s showbiz,” as Sherman-Palladino put it. “Thematically, this was Midge’s lesson in showbiz. That was the theme for the entire season. It was things are not as they seem… in the end, we wanted to leave it with this hard, cold facts, and a bucket of water that says you got to wise up.”

While the group didn’t go into details for the upcoming fourth season, what is known from watching the finale is that there will be some dark times ahead for Susie and Midge, especially once Midge finds out that Susie has wasted away a chuck of Midge’s earnings gambling. One can only hope that the dynamic duo will find a way to work everything out.

“A lot of people respond to a team and seeing a female relationship represented really well. Two women holding each other up and pushing the same train uphill,” said Borstein when asked about what type of feedback she’s received in regards to the show.

For Brosnahan, “the feedback I’m hearing more than ever before is that this show brings people joy and that it feels like an escape from this moment into a world that is colorful and celebrates strong women. It feels like everyone has something to connect to,” she said. “It’s nice to know that we’re making some people laugh when I think it’s hard to.”

Videos of all PaleyFest panels, including this one, will be available Monday, Aug. 10, on the Paley Center YouTube channel

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