‘Outlander’ Season 6: “Something Fun And New Happens” To Brianna & Roger, Jamie & Claire’s “Love Deepens” Says EP Maril Davis – PaleyFest LA

Outlander Season 5

Fans of Starz’s time-traveling love story Outlander will be intrigued. According to the show’s EP, Maril Davis, “something fun and new” will happen to the characters of Brianna and Roger in the upcoming Season 6.

Speaking during a PaleyFest panel discussion in Los Angeles, Davis did not elaborate further on this new storyline but said of the new season, “Jamie and Claire, their love deepens; Roger and Brianna, they have their own journey… and Caitlin [O’Ryan], who plays Lizzie, has a great story, and she’s such a great actress.”

Davis’ fellow EP Matthew B. Roberts also assured fans there will be no lull in the action enjoyed last season. “There are going to be joys, there’s going to be a drama, there’s going to be suffering, there’s going to be tears,” he said. “All of the above.”

Last season saw the action centered on Fraser’s Ridge, the homestead built in North Carolina by Claire and Jamie Fraser. Living on the brink of the Revolutionary War, they, and their daughter and son-in-law, Brianna and Roger, have faced execution, bereavement, sexual assault, kidnapping and even a snake bite.

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“I think one of the things that we always dig into is that the Frasers and the MacKenzies put themselves out there,” Roberts said. “The reason why I think they are so affected by traumas, and all the turmoil that goes on in the era, is they put themselves out there; they try to help people, whether that’s people coming to the ridge, or them going out and trying to stop something. They put themselves out there, they put themselves at risk, and inherently when you do that, you suffer.”

Caitriona Balfe, who plays beloved lead character Claire Fraser, said she was eager to get back to work on the new season. “I’m so excited to see all of our crew,” she said. “We miss them all dearly, and it’s really sad that we’re not all able to get up and go to work.”

With her real-life hair much shorter than the wig she wears to play Claire, Balfe also jokingly hinted that the character might have a new look in Season 6. “Maybe I’ll get a haircut this season, I don’t know,” she said, suggesting that her onscreen husband Sam Heughan could do the honors. “I’ll let Sam do it.”

Heughan added that he’s excited for another great season for his character Jamie Fraser, and that a new element has been brought to the story, since in Season 5, it emerged that Jamie’s family are not the only time travelers out there. “It feels like the universe is opening up a bit,” he said, “and for us to draw upon as well … I can’t wait to go back to work, honestly.”

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Sophie Skelton’s character Brianna has survived a sexual assault, only to discover her attacker was unexpectedly still alive and potentially still in pursuit of her. “Brianna’s pretty much been through everything that could happen to a person,” Skelton said. “But I know that there’s so much more happening next season that will be exciting to see what we’ve got, what the writers do, because it’s always amazing.”

Her Outlander husband, Richard Rankin, added he was “desperate” to get back to work, and that his character Roger, “couldn’t be more ready for the Revolutionary War.”

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