NPACT, Staff Me Up & Hue You Know Team To Bolster Diversity Hiring In Unscripted

NPACT, the trade association for non-fiction U.S. production companies, Staff Me Up, the leading platform for production jobs in television, film and digital media, and BIPOC advancement and mentorship organization Hue You Know are teaming on an initiative to help create job opportunities in unscripted for people of color, and promote retention and advancement.

“The goal is to broaden and diversify the pool of available talent for every nonfiction production position, and help that talent succeed long-term,” the groups said Thursday in a release.

To reach that goal, Staff Me Up will share job listings with several diversity advocacy organizations. Additionally, Hue You Know is offering NPACT’s production company members and others an introductory consultation, and access to other consulting services and resources focused on equity, inclusion and belonging, as well as training and educational programs and workshops.

“We’re proud to partner with Staff Me Up and Hue You Know to create new avenues for the production industry to reach underserved and underrepresented talent, and to build programs that can drive success for a new and more diverse generation of leaders in unscripted,” said NPACT Interim General Manager Michelle Van Kempen.

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