HBO Launches Social Justice Digital Series To Celebrate Release Of Michael Tubbs Docu ‘Stockton On My Mind’

Michael Tubbs in 'Stockton On My Mind' Courtesy of HBO

HBO is amplifying the message from its Michael Tubbs documentary Stockton on My Mind with the launch of its digital Action Series, an educational experience that will motivate documentary fans, social justice organizers, political activists, and community figures to follow in Tubbs’ footsteps and make a difference in their communities.

The premium cabler debuted the documentary on July 28, with the Action Series kicking off July 29 and concluding August 8.

Directed by Marc Levin (One Nation Under Stress, Class Divide), Stockton on My Mind chronicles the political journey of Tubbs, who, at 26, became the youngest and first Black mayor of his hometown of Stockton, CA. The docu follows his road to becoming mayor and explores how growing up amid poverty and violence shaped his vision for innovative change.

The Action Series programming will include topical — and very timely — discussions around the prison pipeline, voter registration/suppression and other topics, led by Tubbs, Van Lathan, Angela Rye and other prominent activists. All events will be released by the participants on their social profiles and will live on the HBO website.

“HBO is committed to great storytelling and inspiring activism,” said Jackie Gagne, SVP Multicultural Marketing at WarnerMedia Entertainment. “The themes of Michael Tubbs’ extraordinary documentary touch upon experiences that are all too real and disproportionately affect many people, especially black and brown communities, who suffer the most when it comes to voter suppression. We created the digital Action Series in order to organically and respectfully engage audiences in discussions around the topics of social justice and political activism in their respective communities.”

Each digital event and conversation will tie into a local direct-response by viewers and attendees, sparking both conversation and action in real time. Tubbs has implemented innovative solutions for issues including violent crime, poverty and homelessness, and the subsequent digital series will allow viewers to take these matters into their own hands in an informed and responsible manner.

Here is the full schedule of virtual events:

July 30: Culture Closeup 

  • Killer Mike (Rapper, Activist) joins Mayor Tubbs in an exclusive chat to discuss the film and its themes as well as Mayor Tubbs’ continued fight for social justice.

July 31: Action Series – Boomerang Effect 

  • Van Lathan (Host and Media Personality)  and Lavelle Hawkins (Former NFL Player, Edison High School Asst Football Coach) explore civic engagement. Find out more about the benefits of returning home to plant new roots in the community and working towards local social change.

August 3: Action Series – Voter Registration

  • Angela Rye (Political and Cultural Commentator) and Franchesca Ramsey (Author, Host, Activist) explore voting myths, the importance of voting, how to stay informed, and best practices for making sure your voice counts during election year in a pandemic.

August 4: Action Series – Activism at Any Age

  • Blair Imani (Activist, Author) and Jasmine Dellafosse (Community Organizer, Gathering for Justice) discuss youth activism, how parents can have conversations with their children about what’s going on in the community, and how people of all ages can make an impact. Tune into this discussion to learn how every generation can get involved and have their voices heard.

August 4: Docs Club

  • Eunique Jones Gibson (Founder, Because of Them We Can) and Jen Winston (Writer, Activist) engage in a unique discussion via Instagram Live with fans who are encouraged to participate by sharing their questions about the film and its subject matter.

August 5: Action Series – School to Prison Pipeline

  • Frederick Joseph (Author, Activist, Marketer), Samuel “Sammy” Nunez (Founder and Executive Director, Fathers & Families of San Joaquin) and Raymond Aguilar (Senior Youth Mentor, Fathers & Families of San Joaquin) discuss the impact of the school to prison pipeline on communities of color and look at Stockton as an example of how to promote the advancement of youth and families in disenfranchised communities.

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