Late Night Hosts Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers Pay Tribute To Talk Icon Regis Philbin


Jimmy Fallon called him “the king of New York,” and Seth Meyers said he was “as great a TV host as we’re ever likely to see,” as the late night hosts paid tribute to Regis Philbin.

Philbin, who died July 24 of natural causes at 88, was described by Meyers of NBC’s Late Night as the same person both on and off the screen. “The most amazing thing about Regis wasn’t his contagious enthusiasm,” Meyers said, “it was how many years he maintained that contagious enthusiasm.”

Watch Meyers’ Late Night clip below.

On NBC’s Tonight, Fallon recalled that Philbin got his start as an NBC page during the Tonight show’s Steve Allen era, later gaining fame as the sidekick on Joey Bishop’s late night show of the late 1960s.

“I loved him, my grandparents loved him, my mom and dad loved him,” Fallon said, adding, “When I started to become famous on Saturday Night Live and people would ask what’s it like when people recognize you on the street, I would be like, ‘I feel like Regis,’ and everyone understood that. There was no need for explanation because he was the king of New York.”

Watch the Tonight show clip with Fallon above.

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