Trevor Noah Calls Out Sen. Tom Cotton For Labeling Slavery A “Necessary Evil”

Comedy Central

You might have detected a whiff of discord in the American Experiment of late. As citizens, groups, politicians and most everyone digests, deals with and/or takes a side on the racial issues roiling the country, one prominent politician went on record last week to label slavery a “necessary evil.”

Actually, GOP Sen. Tom Cotton ascribed that statement to the Founding Fathers — which he reminded in a later tweet — but a homebound Trevor Noah isn’t buying it. And he said why during Monday’s edition of The Daily Social Distancing Show.

“Recently some school districts have decided that they’ll be teaching a unit on early American history based on The New York Times’ ‘1619 Project,’ which illustrates that the founding of this country in explicitly tied to the institution of slavery. But now, there’s one U.S. senator who is objecting in the strongest — and also possibly stupidest terms.”

Roll clip of the gentleman from Arkansas getting backlash after saying the curriculum is racially divisive.

Cut to Noah the Incredulous.

“Hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up,” the Comedy Central host said. “So Senator Cotton thinks that this curriculum is racist? Really, this curriculum? No, you know what’s really racially divisive? Slavery.”

Circle gets the square. Watch the full segment below, which includes how The Daily Show imagines Cotton’s alternative curriculum might look. Hint: It doesn’t mention race!

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