‘The 100’ Creator Says Prequel Will “Fill In A Lot Of Blanks”; Familiar Faces Drop In To Say “May We Meet Again” As Sci-Fi Series Nears End – Comic-Con@Home

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As The 100 nears the end of its seven-season run, the creator and executive producer Jason Rothenberg was joined by cast members Marie Avgeropoulos, Lindsey Morgan, Richard Harmon, Tasya Teles, Shannon Kook, JR Bourne and Shelby Flannery in a pre-taped panel for Comic-Con@Home to reflect about their time on the CW sci-fi series. In addition to that, Rothenberg gave audiences some vague hints about the backdoor prequel pilot to the series which aired earlier this month.

“We definitely started the season wanting to make sure we didn’t leave anything on the field,” said Rothenberg about wrapping up seven seasons. He added that he recognizes the series leaves a lot of unanswered questions throughout the seasons that he wanted to answer and said that the prequel episode helped “fill in a lot of the blanks”. For example, he pointed out that the episode addressed why the bunker was empty when they opened it in season four.

“The ending of a story is the moral of that story and we really wanted to say something with this season,” he said. “When people see how the story ends they will perhaps they’ll look at the whole series differently.” He continued to say that the show is not just saying people are awful and that they would kill anyone who takes their stuff. “That’s unfortunately human nature,” he adds. “We are making a statement on that.”

The cast addressed how their characters have changed throughout the series whether they are newbies or vets of the show.

Avgeropoulos said that Octavia is always changing her dynamics every single year. With this season, there is a family dynamic that we haven’t seen before. She has the opportunity to use the parenting skills she learned from Bellamy (Bob Morley) on Hope (Flannery).

Meanwhile, Morgan said that her character Raven is so smart and sometimes she doesn’t get the opportunity to learn since she received a “taste of the grey”. Harmon talked about how Murphy has fallen into a reluctant leadership role and it has been a pleasure for him to play out.

After cast members talked about their character growth, the panel was filled with surprise cameos from cast members who weren’t able to make it and some familiar faces from past seasons of The 100 — many of whom were killed off the show. This includes Chuku Modu, Eliza Taylor, Bob Morely, Sara Thompson, Alessandro Juliani, Christopher Larkin, Chelsey Reist, Eli Goree, Michael Beach, Zach McGowan, Nadia Hilker, Isaiah Washington, Alycia Debnam-Carey and Paige Turco. Many of them ended their surprise appearance with a “May we meet again”, which holds more emotional weight now during the pandemic.

Without a doubt, the show isn’t shy about killing characters off. When asked if they are ever worried about their characters getting killed off, there was a “yes” from almost everyone on the panel.

Teles said she worried about it every time she received a new script while Harmon admitted that he thought Murphy was going to be killed off in season one. It was the same day Rothenberg told him he was upped to a season regular.

Meanwhile, Avgeropoulos feels that Octavia is safe for the most part, comparing her to a Honda Civic that just “keeps on going”.

In the final season, the heroes of The 100 are faced with obstacles that they’ve never before had to confront, including that of time. Pushed to their physical and emotional limits, they come to terms with decisions they have made throughout the years and find answers to questions not only about themselves but also about what it means to live–and not just survive.


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