Los Angeles Downtown Protests Spark Citywide ‘Tactical Alert’ As Portland, Seattle Declared Riots

Los Angleles
Alan Copson/Robert Harding /AP Images

UPDATE: LAPD now says four individuals were arrested during Saturday night’s protests that resulted in a citywide tactical alert.

Three protesters were arrested for battery on a police officer. One was arrested for possessing a machete and causing a disturbance. A total of four officers and three protesters were treated for minor injuries.

Police concerns mounted at 5:30 PM, when individuals in the protesters “began to direct physical assaults on officers deployed to facilitate the demonstration, vandalize property, and walk onto a busy freeway,” according to LAPD.

“The Los Angeles Police Department is committed to making certain that Angelenos can exercise their First Amendment rights peacefully, and we cannot allow violence and destruction of property to put anyone’s safety at risk — whether they be officers, demonstrators, or bystanders,” said Police Chief Michel Moore.

EARLIER: Los Angeles was under a citywide tactical alert on Saturday night, as police responded to a “Refuse Facism’ rally organized in support of demonstrations in Portland and Seattle.

The L.A. protests were less intense than the Portland and Seattle battles, which were declared “riots” by police in those cities.

In L.A., a tactical alert frees up additional resources and brings more officers on board to handle the situation that sparked the alert.

LAPD reported isolated incidents of vandalism, broken windows and graffiti at the US Courthouse. A number of arrests were made, but no specific number has been released.

The protest was over by 9:30 PM.

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