Donald Trump’s Niece Mary Tells Stephen Colbert That Her Uncle “Could Not Function In The Real World On His Own”

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Mary Trump on 'The Late Show' CBS via Twitter

While promoting her book Too Much and Never Enough, Mary Trump has said some harsh things about her uncle, President Donald Trump. She has said the president had someone else take his SAT. She has said he used racial and anti-Semitic slurs. She has said he should resign.

But what she told Stephen Colbert on Wednesday may, well, Trump them all.

Asked if her uncle displayed sociopathic traits Mary said, “Donald has so many pathologies and they’re so complex, there’s so much co-morbidity that it’s really difficult to tease out what’s exactly going on without testing.

“Clearly, he’s comfortable doing heartless things,” she continued. “Clearly he doesn’t seem to be interested in empathy. So I think it’s safe to say he demonstrates sociopathic tendencies. I think it’s safe to say he’s not high-functioning at all.”

And then came what for the president — who presents himself as a stable genius and a man of the people — may be her most damning indictment. It’s one that strikes at the heart of his image as a wildly successful go-getter.

“We’re talking about a man who I believe could not function in the real world on his own,” said Mary. “A crucial reason he’s gotten as far as he has is he’s continually protected by what I consider institutions. He’s had all of his needs taken care of. He’s never been held accountable. He’s been protected from his failures and he’s been allowed to fail upward spectacularly.”

Given what she knows about Donald Trump, Colbert asks Mary how it is to have her uncle as the President of the United States? “It’s awful,” she says.

Watch the clip below.

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