Hillary Clinton Talks To Trevor Noah About Voter Suppression, Her Hulu Docuseries, Coronavirus & You-Know-Who

Comedy Central

Hillary Clinton was the guest Monday on The Daily Social Distancing Show with Trevor Noah, and the former Secretary of State and presidential candidate talked about Donald Trump, Roger Stone, voter suppression and the one thing on everyone’s mind — what she’s been up to in isolation.

After discussing the 100th anniversary of American women getting the right to vote and her work with the nonprofit Onward Together, she got to the really important stuff. “And then I get to spend time with my grandchildren, which I have to say is the biggest silver lining, Trevor, that you can imagine during this very difficult time.”

Smiling and jovial, she added from her home: “I don’t know what I do all day, but I’m exhausted every night!”

Topics of the nearly 15-minute edited interview also included voter suppression, which she puts squarely at the feet of the GOP; the four-part documentary Hillary that premiered on Hulu in March; mask wearing and the coronavirus; and … that guy who beat her for the White House in 2016.

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Noah asked Clinton where she thinks President Donald Trump “went wrong or where do you think a ‘good’ president would have done something differently?” Without smiling, she replied: “Well I think you have to start with President Trump’s total hostility about science, evidence, facts, logic, reason. He is a showman. He is a reality TV star. He likes to try to bend reality to suit his own preferences. … You got to begin and end with his total lack of leadership.”

Watch the interview above, and check out Noah’s monologue below, in which he calls coronavirus “the only thing in 2020 that hasn’t been canceled.”

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