Sacha Baron Cohen In Drag Tries To Prank Rudy Giuliani – Cops Called, No Arrest

Sacha Baron Cohen
Rob Latour/Shutterstock

Fresh off leading an absurd sing-along at a right-wing meeting in Washington state, Sacha Baron Cohen is at it again. This time, his target was former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, now a top adviser to President Donald Trump.

The New York Post‘s Page Six reported that Giuliani was at the Mark Hotel in Manhattan on Tuesday for what he thought was a legitimate interview on the administration’s COVID-19 response.

In the course of the interview, a man — later identified as Baron Cohen — entered the interview room and … we’ll let Giuliani fill in the rest.

“This guy comes running in, wearing a crazy, what I would say was a pink transgender outfit,” said Giuliani. “It was a pink bikini, with lace, underneath a translucent mesh top, it looked absurd. He had the beard, bare legs and wasn’t what I would call distractingly attractive.”

Giuliani, who once famously appeared in drag at a New York charity event, said he didn’t immediately recognize the comedian. “This person comes in yelling and screaming, and I thought this must be a scam or a shakedown, so I reported it to the police. He then ran away.”

The police arrived, but apparently no crime was committed and no arrests made.

Cohen apparently is filming another season of his Showtime series Who Is America? in which he engages people while in various disguises to showcase their attitudes, usually by his prompting with absurd questions.

Giuliani told Page Six that he was a fan of some of Baron Cohen’s films, mentioning Borat.

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