Barry Pepper & Jason Cabell Team For ‘Negroes With Guns’ Feature About Civil Rights Activist Robert F. Williams

Barry Pepper, Jason Cabell Untitled Entertainment; Paradigm Agency

EXCLUSIVE: We hear that Barry Pepper’s Peace River Productions is producing Negroes With Guns, a feature that ex-Navy SEAL Jason Cabell (Running with the Devil) will write and direct.

Negroes With Guns is based on the true story of civil rights hero Robert F. Williams and his legendary battles in Monroe, NC with the KKK, local, state and federal officials and his forced exile to Cuba, where he continued to inspire the civil rights movement with his worldwide radio show, broadcasting until his signal was jammed by the U.S. government. His book about his experiences through Monroe, Negroes With Guns, is known as the single most important influence on Huey P. Newton in forming the Black Panther Party. We also hear that Pepper is playing a supporting role in the feature.

As an ex-Marine, Williams’ “People with strength” movement diverged doctrinally with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s non-violence approach, clearly stated as “We will defend our women and children, our homes and ourselves with our arms. We will meet violence with violence. The Negroes of the South cannot expect justice in the courts, he must convict his attacker on the spot, meet violence with violence, lynching with lynching.”

“When people say that they are opposed to Negroes ‘resorting to violence’ what they really mean is that they are opposed to Negroes defending themselves and challenging the exclusive monopoly of violence practiced by White racists,” wrote Williams.

The Saving Private Ryan alum Pepper starred in the Cabell directed- and -written crime drama Running With the Devil which starred Nicolas Cage and Laurence Fishburne. Pepper also starred recently in Vaclav Marhoul’s The Painted Bird and last summer’s cult alligator Paramount pic Crawl. 

Pepper is repped by Untitled Entertainment and Kohner Agency. Cabell is represented by Paradigm.

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