Anthony Anderson Hosts ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ – President Kanye West, Advice For White People & More

Anthony Anderson hosts Jimmy Kimmel Live!
ABC via YouTube

Anthony Anderson stepped in to guest-host Jimmy Kimmel Live! tonight, the first episode since the ABC late-night staple and next Emmys host — announced he was taking the summer off. Watch the Black-ish star’s monologue above.

Anderson, who also will fill in Tuesday night, talks about the maskless and socially undistant Fourth of July parties that cable news slobbered over all weekend. He also shows footage of and comments on the crush of illegal fireworks going off over the city as night fell on the Fourth.

Anderson also comments on the White House aspirations of a college dropout — one Kanye West — and has some helpful advice for white folks.

“I’d like to switch gears and get serious for a moment,” Anderson says about five minutes into his audience-free monologue. “I know with all the turmoil going on in this country, it isn’t easy to be white right now. You have positive intentions — you love your fellow man, and you want your Black brothers and sisters to know you’re one of the good ones.

“But how do you do that” he asks, “besides tweeting how much you love Hamilton? … It’s easy to say you aren’t racist, but how do you show it? What you need is a BFF — a Black fictional friend.”

Check out what Anderson calls his “latest business venture” above. And it’ll only set you back 50 bucks a month.

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